Sermons From Science VIDEOs for August 2015

1. The Rationale of Grounding. 接地的基本原理


2. Installing a Grounding System on my Bed. 在我的床上安装接地系统



3. The Physical Realm is a Subset of the Spiritual Realm. 物质领域是属灵境界的一个子集


4. Decoding the Debris. 解码杂物


5. Mystick Mystery: Scientists Investigate Connecticut’s Pequot War Battlefield. Mystick奥秘:科学家调查康涅狄格州的Pequot战争战场


6. Trillions of “Artifacts” —Who’s Really Got the Problem? 万亿的“神器” - 谁有问题?


7. Are There Transhumans in Our Future? 在我们的未来是否有跨人类?


8. Beneficial Bacteria. 有益的细菌


9. Dawkins’s Doubts. 道金斯的疑惑


10. Butterflies on the Battlefield. 在战场上的蝴蝶


11. Sanctity of Trees, or Sanctity of Human Life? 神圣的树木,或人生的神圣?


12. Evolution: No Chance in a Billion Years. 进化:在十亿年没有机会



13. Pluto’s Surface Is Young! 冥王星的表面很年轻!


14. Were You There? Pointing to God as Creator. 你在哪里吗?指着上帝造物主


15. Is “Grandfather Turtle” the Transitional Form that Puts Creationist Claims to Rest? “祖父龟”使创造论宣称达致静止的过渡形态?