Sermons From Science VIDEOs for March 2015

1. Quantum Fluctuations May Kill Big Bang Evangelism



2. Speculation on Redshift in a Created Universe-1


3. Speculation on Redshift in a Created Universe-2

4. In Bedbugs, Scientists Don’t See a Model of Evolution


5. Study Says Universe Had No Beginning and No Big Bang?


6. Determining Average Dinosaur Size-1

7. Determining Average Dinosaur Size-2


8. Endogenous Retroviruses: Key to Mammalian Brain Development?



9. Experiment: How to Make Water Climb a Tree


10. Saharan Dust—Part 1: Circumnavigation of Earth and Snow in California


11. The Uvula: A Useless or Multi-tasking Organ?



12. Maria Mitchell: Astronomer and Mathematician



13. The Testimony of Phosphorus


14. Power Punch of Mantis Shrimp



15. Close-Up of an Ex-Planet